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Article: Pearls of Hope

Pearls of Hope

Pearls of Hope

When you wear a piece of my jewelry, I hope you feel a sense of connection to something you find special.

I designed more pearl pieces and would love to share why I chose them!

Pearls are one of the most sustainable gemstone options. They are grown from a tiny spec of sand, and show us the importance of change and growth. You can't see the pearl growing, but there's hope something beautiful will blossom in time.

I also, want to share my personal story around the word "hope". I think it connects well with my little pearls of hope I designed for you. Please read below...

Hope. A word that fuels my heart, mind and hands, and will bring my new fine jewelry collection to you soon. Let me share more about myself and why “hope” matters.

14 years ago I took an evening jewelry making class after my corporate day job. I fell in ❤️ with it.

I hoped 🤞🏼 to get into a local art show. In 2008 I made it into Schlafly Art Outside!

I just hoped to make people happy with jewelry. I started my first jewelry business that year. I made pretty things and worked as a yoga/fitness instructor… but hoped to do jewelry full time someday.

I hoped to learn everything about making jewelry and got an offer to work for a fast fashion company as a full time jewelry designer. I hoped to learn more under a corporate structure.

I hoped we could make jewelry differently. I travelled to factories and saw how fast fashion jewelry was made. My boss said it wasn’t possible to be profitable if we made it in the US.

I still hoped I could someday create a line with recycled metals and ethical gemstones.

In 2014 I got married and hoped, that I could have a jewelry business, start it at home and have a family.

Starting a biz and getting pregnant seemed impossible.

My body couldn’t handle a pregnancy, and my jewelry equipment was dusty and boxed up. I had a 9-5 job. Something had to change.

In the middle of 2019 I left a job and had another miscarriage. I felt hopeless. I slowly remembered…

Hope keeps me going. Hope had me unbox my equipment and start Sara Patino Jewelry in November of 2019.

With a lot of hope, and about 5 years of trying, I got pregnant in 2020. My son is 16 months old now.

14 years after that first class, I’m still hoping to make people happy with jewelry.

New fine jewelry collection coming 10-22-22. Hope you love it.

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