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Pearls the sustainable jewelry choice and more

A fresh new year is here so it seems fitting to highlight 
pearls, the organic gemstone of new beginnings. These one of a kind pieces are made in the depths of clear clean water that's charged with life. Throughout my collection I use freshwater pearls and mother of pearls. They are beautiful, but understanding them beyond their pearlescent glow brings a whole new level of appreciation.

Here are 3 fun facts about pearls:

1. Pearls are one of a kind
Freshwater pearls grow from a grain of sand gets placed into an oyster or clam. This causes an irritation that produces a nacre coating around the sand. Months after months the layer builds and creates the beautiful one of a kind pearl. Mother of pearl is not a pearl, but actually the pearlescent layer inside the wall of the shell. Here is a piece using freshwater pearl and another with mother of pearl.

2. Pearls are friendly to our environment
Oysters and clams are filter feeders that remove nitrogen from aquatic environments. They incorporate the nitrogen into their cells and tissues as they grow. So throughout their tiny lives, they are significantly reducing marine pollution.

The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) writes that pearls, with proper cultivation, are "nature's sustainable gem". Also, the natural water the pearl lives in must be kept clean by the grower in order for it to grow. Empty shells are often crushed and used in farming for a soil additive or to feed chickens.

3. Pearls symbolize a rebirth
Grown from a tiny spec of sand, they show us the significance of change and growth. It looks different for all of us, but with care and attention it can result in something beautiful that effects those around us.

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