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Sara Patino

Sara Patino the artist and owner behind Sara Patino Jewelry. The company is based in St. Louis, Missouri.
Sara Patino - Founder & Designer
GIA Jewelry Accredited Professional

FOR WOMEN LIKE YOU. A collection with a mission, just for you. You care about our environment and want jewelry that was made in the most sustainable way. You enjoy effortless timeless looks that are versatile, timelessly modern and unique. 

THE COLLECTION. It honors a commitment to sustainability and kindness towards the earth. All pieces are made here in my St. Louis studio in small batches, with recycled gold, silver and ethically sourced stones. It's timelessly modern jewelry you can truly feel good about.

MY STORY. I'm from St. Louis and travel back to Colombia, South America to visit my extended family. Speaking spanish and staying in the remote ultra-green farm country of central Colombia has been my normal.  Even as a kid, at the end of my trips I'd come home with handmade purses, belts and jewelry from artisans.  It planted an appreciation for handmade accessories, nature, cultures and love of travel.

This was my first hands on understanding of accessories we enjoy; they come from the earth and made with intention by actual people. Watching
 a piece come to life was inspiring and has shaped my journey of who I am today.

I worked as a designer in the jewelry fast fashion industry, travelled overseas and came to discover that much of the jewelry metal and gem mining industry treats the earth and it's people poorly. Not all jewelry factories, but many. It's disappointing, unfair and didn't sit well with me so I know it wouldn't for you either.

YOU DESERVE IT. You deserve a timeless collection you can feel truly proud of. Jewelry is the story of the materials, the process, the maker and YOU. It can lift your spirit, celebrate your style and still be kind to the earth.

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