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Recycled Metals

Sustainable jewelry metals

Which jewelry metals are the most responsible? Recycled metals, Fairmined Metals and Fairtrade Metals are a good place to start. I primarily use recycled metals at this time. To me, it makes sense to use what is already in circulation. Gold filled, solid gold and silver can be recycled over and over. This means we avoid mining the earth's natural resources.

• Any piece you select from my collection can eventually be recycled to avoid ending up in a landfill.

• By using recycled metals, I give old metal a second life. Since I do not seek mined gold, I avoid contributing to disrupting the earth's natural resources.

• All pieces are made by hand with 100% recycled gold, silver or brass. About 90% of it is sourced locally, the other 10% is sourced within the United States. By choosing to access metal locally, I reduce my carbon footprint and I support our local community.

• In addition to sourcing recycled metals, I meticulously collect, reuse and recycle my own scrap metal and other unused materials. In turn, I minimize the environmental impact of our production.

Learn more about my process here.

sustainable recycled metals for jewelry