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Recycled 14k gold filled necklaces

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Curb Chain Pearl Pendant NecklaceClassic curb chain with a large white pearl pendant
Thin gold chain with curved bar pendant. Small crystal gemstone in the center.Tiny white topaz gemstone necklace. Curved bar style gold pendant.
Curved Bar necklace with Oval Pearl centerSmall gold curved bar pendant with a pearl in the center.
Gold curved bar necklace with white topaz gemstoneGold necklace simple modern
Save $15.00Two gold layering necklaces. One with a pearl set on a curved bar pendant. The other is a bold curb chain.Timeless layering necklaces. One is a delicate thin chain and pearl pendant. The other is a gold bold wide curb necklace.
Pearl Curved Bar and Curb Chain Necklace Layering Set Sale price$201.00 Regular price$216.00
Gold Small Oval Pearl Necklace with White Topaz GemstoneGold Small Oval Pearl Necklace with White Topaz Gemstone
Gold filled curb chainGold Curb Chain made with recycled gold
Classic Curb Chain Sale price$120.00
Save $10.00Effortless necklace chain layers. Curb chain and gemstone necklaceModern, casual, gold layering necklaces to wear everyday.
Curb Chain and White Topaz Necklace Set Sale price$200.00 Regular price$210.00
Mother of pearl oval pendant and white topaz stoneMother of pearl pendant featuring a white topaz gemstone. Modern and minimal necklace
Gold Oval Pearl Necklace Sale price$158.00
Mother of Pearl and white topaz necklace made with recycled goldDainty modern gold necklace with mother of pearl and white topaz stone. Pearl ring and circle stud earrings
Gold Round Pearl Necklace Sale price$130.00
Tiny white topaz gemstone pendantsimple understated white topaz necklace
Save $15.00Thick gold chain necklace with a pearl pendant layered with a thin necklace with white topaz pendant.Two gold necklaces made with recycled gold. Pearl pendant and white topaz pendant necklaces.
Oval Pearl and White Topaz Necklace Layering Set Sale price$248.00 Regular price$263.00