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handcrafted jewelry

• My designs are made in St. Louis, Missouri by hand to avoid the excessive waste associated with most mass moulding and plating production.

• Each piece is made using traditional hand fabrication methods. Hand tools like hammers, saws, files, stone setting tools and soldering techniques are used with care (and lots of love) for each individual style.

• When jewelry is handmade, in small amounts with metals that are sourced within the US, it reduces the carbon imprint that massive international import and export and mining leaves on the earth. 

• In house, made to order and small batch production, eliminates the pollution that often comes from high volume and machine made jewelry.

• Selecting a piece from Sara Patino Jewelry increases the demand for artisan handcraft job opportunities within my studio. 

Sustainable gold jewelry earrings


• Each piece is designed to be created one at a time, and inspected for quality before it leaves the studio.

• Gold filled pieces are at least 10x thicker than plated, and have a much longer life span than plated jewelry.


• You deserve pieces that are timeless, with graceful shapes you can adore forever.

• Designed to feel and look comfortable. It feels good to come back to jewelry you can wear with nearly everything in your closet.

• Each design starts with a theme. It can be empowerment, or just feeling a positive energy. This ignites the design, but you bring it to life with your style, spirit and confidence.

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