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Questions to ask when starting your sustainable jewelry search

Starting with a holistic view towards jewelry will eventually lead you to find the best mindfully made jewelry. 

Jewelry comes from earth’s resources, made by people and has a lifecycle. It tells a story of the maker, the material, the process and ultimately you.

Here are the highlights from my conversations with Threaded that I thought would be helpful if you are curious about sustainable jewelry. 

Five questions to help understand how sustainable your jewelry is. 

Questions for sustainable jewelry shopping

  1. How long will this piece last? Can it be upcycled, recycled, or will it end up in a landfill after the trend is over?

  2. Where was it made? Does it celebrate the region where the materials were extracted? Why not?

  3. Who made it? Does it celebrate the maker or the team that makes it? Jewelry is made by people and is an art form.

  4. How was it made? Do they have sustainable/safe practices during production? Is it Fairtrade? What type of mining was used?

  5. What is it made of? Where the stones ethically sourced? Was the metal mined or recycled? Is the metal Fairmined?

Ok, I know can be overwhelming at first! Each question can be discussed at length and can lead to more questions. However, it’s vital to understand that each piece of jewelry has a back story and transparency is key. If you want to know where your jewelry sits in the “sustainable” spectrum, these questions are a good place to start. I say there is a spectrum of sustainability because it's not certain right now (and according to the Responsible Jewellery Council) if jewelry can truly be 100% sustainable at this point.

These questions can be hard for jewelry companies to even answer themselves. As I continue my journey, I realize I even have more work to do in sharing the story of my pieces with you. I use recycled metals, and ethically sourced gems, but I know I can be doing more. So stay tuned...more info to come! 

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Questions with Threaded