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Sara Patino

Sara Patino - Founder & Designer

I believe in the power of jewelry. It is wearable sculpture that illustrates the life of the material, the maker, and the wearer, and I hope to be a part of your incredible story. 

My parents are from Colombia, South America, but moved to the states right before I was born. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri so in the summers we would travel to visit our other "home" since all of my family was back in Colombia. Traveling, growing up bi-cultural, speaking fluent Spanish, staying in the remote ultra-green farm country of central Colombia was my normal. It planted an appreciation for nature, other cultures and love of travel.

At the end of each summer I'd come back to St. Louis, MO with my handmade purses, baskets and clay jewelry I'd buy from artisans. I loved watching them make their art with so much passion and pride. Seeing art come to life was inspiring.

This was my first real hands on understanding of the art and design we enjoy; it comes from the earth and is made with intention by actual people. My fascination with art and design has always been inside of me, but I think my early travels shaped my journey of becoming the designer I am today.
In 2007 I took a jewelry metal smithing course (at night after my day job as a commercial interior designer) and fell in love. I have a degree in Architectural Studies, so I enjoyed the strong similarities. After a few years of making jewelry for art shows and boutiques, I started designing for other companies. I travelled overseas to source materials, visit factories and search for inspiration. 

Designing jewelry as well as teaching yoga and fitness classes sounded like a great way to make a living. Right? Well, unfortunately I came to discover that much of the jewelry metal and gem mining industry treats the earth and it's people poorly. It's disappointing and unfair. 

You deserve a timeless collection you can feel truly proud of. Jewelry is the story of the materials, the process, the maker and YOU. It celebrates your spirit, style and appreciation towards nature.

I created this collection with a mission. It honors a commitment to quality design and kindness towards the earth. We make it here in my St. Louis studio in small batches, with recycled gold, silver and ethically sourced stones. It's modern jewelry you can truly feel good about.

Check out my collection here: Sara Patino Jewelry.

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