Sara Patino 

I believe in the power of jewelry. It is wearable sculpture that illustrates the life of the material, the maker, and the wearer, and I hope to be a part of your incredible story. I'm here to make you feel confident in mindfully made jewelry that you bring to life through your spirit and personal style. 

I'm on a journey to bring to you a collection that is rooted in my design philosophy:

Jewelry can be equally beautiful as it is responsible!

• My jewelry is made by hand with 100% recycled gold sourced from a local refinery near my studio.  This refinery, established in 1909, keeps the highest environmental standards and resources. By choosing to access metal locally, I support our local community.

• In addition to sourcing recycled metals, I meticulously collect, reuse and recycle my own scrap metal and other unused materials. In turn, I minimize the environmental impact of our production.

• My designs use traditional metal smithing techniques, each made one by one to avoid the excessive waste associated with most mass moulding and plating production.

• In house handmade production eliminates the pollution that often comes from high volume and machine made jewelry.

• When jewelry is handmade, in small amounts with metals that are locally sourced, it reduces the carbon imprint that massive international import and export and mining leaves on the earth.

• Selecting a piece from Sara Patino Jewelry increases the demand for artisan handcraft job opportunities within my studio. 
About Sara
I'm a designer with a passion for making women feel special and confident through timeless jewelry. I've made jewelry come to life since 2008, ranging from custom handcrafted wedding rings, to collections of fashion jewelry for brands like Black White Market, Francesca's and Anthropologie. 

Sophisticated and modern in style, my latest collection juxtaposes bold elements with feminine forms for women to express their originality.