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Sara Patino Jewelry X Tory Burch Embrace Ambition Summit

Tory Burch Foundation Embrace Ambition Summit in New York City for Women Empowerment
Are you passionate about helping others, but sometimes wonder if you are making a big enough impact? Take this as your sign to keep believing! I was recently in the Lincoln Center with thousands of women for the Tory Burch Embrace Ambition Summit, that believe in the power of dreaming big, and speaking up in order to create stronger communities. It was an empowering event that inspired me to stay motivated to follow my passion to uplift others through the power of jewelry.

I was invited to be 1 of 15 marketplace vendors at the
Tory Burch Embrace Ambition Summit in NYC. Yes, I met Tory Burch as well. She came and checked out my table, and I have the photo of her on the upper left prove it. lol!

It was a day full of hope, learning and truth. Female leaders shared their unique experiences to help change the lives of others. Topics ranged from healthcare, miscarriage, mental health, entrepreneurship and more. This day was deeply inspiring. It reminded me how connected we all are through our struggles as women, as well as our dreams and hopes for a better society. 

Honestly, I was a bit nervous to attend. How will my small brand from STL be received? Will they like my jewelry? Oh, my doubts were so off. It turns out they LOVED it! I made so many wonderful connections and sold out of several styles.

My trip was all made possible by the organization
NEST, that supports female craft entrepreneurs. I was awarded a NEST Maker Fund Grant that was supported by Tory Burch Foundation. Through this connection, I received a special invitation to be a vendor.

I'm incredibly grateful for these organizations that truly believe in me and choose to support me. 

Sparking your curiosity? Check it out here:
Embrace Ambition Summit.

I was surprised to see Lucy Lu, Rosy Perez and Julian Moore speaking on the stage, among other celebrities. A
recording is currently available, if you feel like diving in.

Key takeaway: Don't give up believing in, and sharing what matters to you and your community. That's my interpretation of the "Embrace Ambition" theme. You will lift someone's spirit and empower them, all while creating a ripple effect that will make our world a better place.
- Sara